Personnel Profile: Amy Frey

Amy Frey sells hot dogs and home-made doilies every weekday from her sidewalk cart on Capitol Mall at 9th Street. Among her experiences as a hot-dog vendor: A clown tipped her a handful of miniature pennies and dimes, and someone else once stole bags of chips while Frey was surrounded by students at a rally to lower their tuition. Still, Frey told Capitol Weekly that the majority of her customers treat her like a queen.

How long have you been selling hot dogs outside the Capitol?
I’ve been on this patch of dirt for five and a half years.
How many hot dogs do you usually sell a day?
Between 200 and 300, depending on how busy it is. It has been good hot-dog weather lately.
You also sell beautiful multicolored doilies for $4-$10. Where do they come from?
I make them. My mother taught me how to crochet years ago. It’s almost an addiction. I make different ornaments for the holidays, too. I had asked my boss if I could sell snowflakes at Christmas-time and he was upset that I had bothered to ask, which was nice of him. After the Christmas ornaments, I moved on to other stuff.

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