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Trash Film Orgy
Saturdays, July 8th – August 15th

By Tony Sheppard

As well known to the veteran loyal fans (many of whom routinely wear zombie makeup) as it is completely unknown to more formal film festival goers, the Trash Film Orgy (TFO) opens its 9th season this Saturday, at midnight at the Crest. Every week of the season, TFO showcases a cult or B-movie offering with audience participation, in the form of competitive loud witty banter during the movie, not just permitted but encouraged. I asked TFO Co-Producer Christy Savage a few questions about the concept and this season’s lineup:

CW: Could you explain the basic concept behind TFO?
TFO: The Trash Film Orgy is really all about fun. We embrace the sensationalism of the old Grindhouse movie shows, the fun of the Drive-In experience and the no-holds barred attitude of the Midnight Movie. We strive to give our audiences a truly unique, enjoyable theatre experience, while presenting the best in 35mm cult and exploitation cinema.

CW: You’ve clearly had a taste for Trash Films for a long time, how did that first translate to the TFO festival idea?
TFO: Back in the late 90’s, our buddy Keith Lowell Jensen was doing a movie show, the Thursday Night Grindhouse, at the Colonial Theatre, and we were doing a similar sort of thing on Cable Access TV: Deth’s Oogly Hed. When Keith lost his partners in the Grindhouse, he suggested we team up to do a show at the Crest and well…the rest is history.

CW: The screenings are a little unique in their audience participation, are there any guidelines and rules for audience members?
TFO: Once again, the key word for TFO is FUN!  We strongly encourage folks to play along and have fun at our shows, but of course we do expect our audience to also be respectful of others and show normal common decency.  For instance, we’re fine with heckling, but please don’t just yell non-stop obscenities…that’s not fun for anyone, just annoying.  Practicing common sense wherever you are can really go a long way…after all, we’re all adults here.

CW: For non-TFO regulars, could you describe a few of the other things someone might expect to find at TFO?
TFO: You would be wise to expect the unexpected! You never know what you might find at TFO – that’s part of the fun! But some ‘normal’ TFO things would include: Lots of folks in costumes; lots of zombies; lots of beautiful, scantily clad ladies; ridiculously silly stage shows; interactive games and contests; original and vintage shorts; and the finest in late-night cinema fun!

CW: What are some of this year’s highlights?
TFO: Besides an awesome sampling of the best in cult cinema, we will also be welcoming back our original host-Francois Fly! We will be transforming the Crest Lobby into the seedy spectacle that is Trashville – an interactive shanty town full of fun and surprises. We will also be welcoming legendary director Jim Wynorski when we screen “Chopping Mall” on July 25th and hosting a Vampire Prom when we show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on August 1st. And so much, much more….  

CW: Not satisfied with just screening Trash, you’re now making Trash – what’s next for TFO Productions?
TFO: Our last film “Monster from Bikini Beach” managed to gain us quite a bit of attention and excellent reviews, so our big focus now has indeed become making our own feature films. This year, we are making a brand new and exciting film: “Planet of the Vampire Women.” It’s an action-packed sci-fi adventure of the galaxy’s sexiest space pirates who pull off the ultimate heist only to crash into an unknown world. Finding themselves trapped on a storm-shrouded planet overrun with monsters, the intergalactic outlaws unknowingly awaken an unspeakable horror that causes the dead to walk…with an insatiable lust for blood!  

TFO schedules and archives are available online at

Sacramento Film & Music Festival – Opening Night Preview
Friday, July 24th

If you’re a sci-fi or psychological thriller fan, you might want to mark your calendars for the first night of the SF&MF. The opening feature is the locally produced “Sensored” starring Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate). “Sensored” was shot in and around Roseville using the ultra-high definition Red One camera (full HD is 1080 lines of data, whereas the Red captures 4,000 lines). 

Producer and writer team Jo and Kevin Haskin, and director Ryan Todd, will be in attendance to answer questions, along with Robert Picardo and most of the cast and crew. The evening starts with a reception at the Crest Theatre, catered by Rubio’s, and ends with an exclusive after-party across K Street at the Cosmo Café. Tickets that include the reception are $25 and screening-only tickets are $10.

Disclosure: TFO is a partner festival with the Sacramento Film & Music Festival (SF&MF), July 24th-August 2nd, which Tony Sheppard co-directs.  SF&MF All-Festival Passes are honored at TFO on July 25th and August 1st.  Tony also Executive Produced (paid for!) TFO’s first full-length feature film “El Tigre Diablo and the Curse of the Golden Skull” and is an Associate Producer of “Sensored.”  It’s a small town.  

Capitol Weekly readers can purchase half-priced SF&MF All-Festival Passes ($60 instead of $120) at the Crest Box Office.  Full Festival schedules and information are online at

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