Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
It seems like either Shane Goldmacher got it wrong or Fiona Ma is a
hypocrite. Mr. Goldmacher’s article (“Two ‘moderate’ San Francisco Democrats
face off in a political showdown”; Capitol Weekly; April 13, 2006) about the
12th Assembly District race states that both candidates are supporters of
single-payer health care. Why, then, did Fiona Ma take $1000 last week from
Blue Cross? The entire purpose of single-payer health care is to eliminate
the bureaucracy and profiteering of insurance companies like Blue Cross. If
Fiona Ma was a person of her word–and if she truly believed in single-payer
universal health care–she wouldn’t accept a dime from the health-insurance
industry. I doubt Blue Cross would be giving money to someone who is going
to support SB 840.

Adam Minsky
San Francisco

Dear Editor,
I read the article on Marian Bergeson (“Where are they now?”; Capitol
Weekly; April 13, 2006) and would like to also mention that there is a
series called the “Marian Bergeson Series” that the former member helped
promote. It helps young Republican women train to become future candidates.
Senator Bergeson is still very actively involved in politics and we are
grateful to use her name in promoting a great cause.

It is called the Marian Bergeson Excellence in Public Service Series, [which
is] in conjunction with the California Women’s Leadership Association (CWLA)
at www.cwla.us. The application is online at this site. The next class of
women will be chosen in October.

Jaime Huff

Dear Editor,
In a recent story (“EdVoice a power player in Capitol’s political war over
school funds”; Capitol Weekly; April 13, 2006), the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers
Association (HJTA) was described as “solidly Republican.”

It should be noted that 35 percent of the members of HJTA are Democrats,
while 15 percent are declined to state or registered with one of the smaller
parties. This was determined by a scientific poll a few years ago.
What the 200,000 members have in common is that virtually all are
single-family homeowners.

Kris Vosburgh
Executive Director
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

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