Inside Baseball: Politics threaten legislative softball game

There’s just no getting around the struggles between labor and business groups when it comes to California politics. Even the annual legislative softball game, an event which is supposed to be a bipartisan fundraiser for a local charity, has gotten tangled in a partisan battle, with envoys from the speaker’s office shuttling back and forth to try to save the Wednesday evening game.

The problems began last week, when members of the Service Employees International Union, one of the most powerful unions in California, indicated they may urge legislators to boycott the game. The problem is that the game’s sponsor, Sutter Health, is locked in an ongoing battle with SEIU workers over collective bargaining. .

“We definitely have concerns about Sutter,” said SEIU spokesman Allen Davenport. “I haven’t talked to anybody in the Capitol who isn’t aware of Sutter’s history of overcharging people and attempting to monopolize the health care delivery system.

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