Injury bug hits Senate

As far as dangerous government jobs go, serving in the California Senate
might not rank up there with policeman, firefighter or press secretary for
George W. Bush. But this year our upper house has been hit by a bipartisan
trend we’re all hoping we’ve seen the last of–unusual injuries.

It started in February, when senators Dave Cox, R-Fair Oaks, and Nell Soto,
D-Pomona, discovered, um, the agony of the feet. Soto–who won a “Best Foot
Forward” award in 2000 from a coalition of pedestrian groups for her efforts
on behalf of the “Safe Routes to Schools” bill–broke her right foot in her
Sacramento apartment.

“It was so silly,” Soto said. “I bumped into the bedpost. I broke my

“I wish I could say I was running from Republican legislators

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