Gubernatorial candidates discuss key environmental issues; Schwarzenegger declines

Editor’s Note: Capitol Weekly asked the candidates for governor to share their views on environmental policy. Four candidates–state Treasurer Phil Angelides, state Controller Steve Westly, businessman Peter Camejo and Barbara Becnel, executive director of a Bay Area nonprofit social services agency–answered six questions posed by Capitol Weekly. Incumbent Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, through his new campaign team, refused to respond. What follows are highlights of the candidates’ discussion.

What is the greatest environmental policy failure or achievement of the Schwarzenegger administration?

…He encouraged us to believe that he had so much promise and he’s been disappointing in his inconsistency. He’ll go in one direction and we’ll get excited, and then he’ll reverse himself. One example is the legislation he introduced last year to decimate the CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)

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