Going video: educating injured workers about their rights

Hundreds of thousands of California voters are injured at work each year, yet many do not know their rights. They are not receiving the medical care and disability compensation guaranteed to them by the California Constitution. Most injured workers don’t even know to what they’re entitled., a nonprofit California group fighting for medical care and disability compensation for those injured on the job, launched an “Empower Yourself” education campaign this month for injured workers, with a new YouTube video and channel. The video is narrated by United Farmworkers of America (UFW) co-founder Dolores Huerta. The six-minute video traces the history of California workers’ compensation and the 2004 setbacks to injured workers’ medical care and permanent disability compensation.

The video is the beginning of an effort to educate tens of thousands of voters injured at work to know their rights and how to get medical care and disability compensation.

The “Empower Yourself” campaign is intended to “help even the odds” for injured workers, who are at a disadvantage in the system. Injured workers like myself, face insurance company professionals determined to deny or limit our medical treatment and permanent disability compensation.

Injured workers are often unaware of their rights to medical care and compensation for permanent disabilities. Not only are we amateurs facing professionals in this game, but the deck is stacked against us. The company controls our medical care, and the governor severely reduced permanent disability compensation. Some injured workers are able to retain an attorney to advocate for them, but these attorneys are seriously hamstrung in their ability to win fair treatment and compensation by SB 899 and the Schwarzenegger Administration’s regulations. So, injured workers ourselves must become more informed, more involved and stronger advocates for change. That’s why is launching our “Empower Yourself” campaign to educate and involve injured workers in changing the laws and regulations to improve our treatment.

Go to to watch the video.

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