George Clooney: Good looking, politically savvy–even the nurses like him

When I posted a little tongue-in-cheek blog on the Alliance for a Better
California Web site ( last week outlining the “Top 10 Reasons
George Clooney Would Make a Better Governor than Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the
phone lines at Kaufman Campaigns lit up brighter than a night at the
Hollywood Bowl. It was, of course, mainly female political reporters
wanting first-dibs on the Clooney-for-Guv-bus-tour, but we heard from a
respectable number of male Clooney fans, as well.

The truth is, I have no idea whether or not George Clooney would ever run
for Governor, and if fan Web sites are a credible source (which I visited
purely for “research” purposes, of course) George has said he’s not
interested in running for any office, even though his father ran for
Congress in Kentucky in 2004. Dashing movie-star good looks and the
Clooney-dreamy-quotient aside, I still think he would make a much better
Governor than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My “Top Ten” list included reasons like: 1) unlike our current Governor,
nurses actually liked George Clooney when he played Dr. Doug Ross on E.R.
and 2) George exposed “pay to play” politics in his HBO “K-Street” series,
while our current Governor has made his taxpayer-funded Chief of Staff Susan
Kennedy his simultaneous fundraiser-in-Chief, muddying any ethical lines
that might have previously existed.

For the full “Top Ten” list, you’ll need to visit the Alliance blog, but I’d
also like to tell you why I think this silly little list may have struck a
nerve with people

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