Garry South’s Take on the June 7 Primary

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Garry South is a celebrity among California political cognescenti. The architect of Gray Davis’ nearly 20 point win over Dan Lungren in the 1998 Governor’s race (making Davis the first Democrat to win a California gubernatorial contest in 20 years), South again led Davis to victory in 2002 by weighing in on the GOP Primary and helping scuttle the candidacy of Richard Riordan, seen as the most formidable challenger to Davis. With South’s help, Bill Simon beat Riordan in the Primary, and then lost to Davis in the General.

Since the Davis years, South has been involved in numerous campaigns throughout the state, and across the country, but has continued to call California home. We asked for his thoughts on the recent Primary and of course we asked Who Had the Worst Week in California Politics?

Episode Notes

:30 The Primary

4:31 Zoomers vs. Boomers

10:47 “There were more poll workers that day than people who actually showed up to vote.”

12:19 Focus Groups: Steve Westly vs. Phil Angelides

14:38 Would turnout improve if we allowed Ballot Props on the June ballot again?

16:28 The Los Angeles Mayoral race

23:54 “The least-informed people in the state”

26:55 Caruso and Bass are in the runoff: what happens now?

32:00 #WWCA

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