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Public support for Brown and his budget is on the wane, according to the Field Poll. Why shouldn’t the Dems pass a trick-filled budget, walk away, declare victory and forget the ballot?

They should.  The Republicans will continue to moan and whinge regardless of the plan that is passed.  Get this budget done and try to move forward.  

Because that solution isn’t anything close to a victory. It is the height of irresponsibility, and Democrats are the responsible adults in this house. Republicans are the kids holding their collective breath until they turn blue.

I think you mean skillful rather than trick-filled. But good question just the same.

How could public support not be on the wane? Except for a couple of weeks in April, Brown has made no concerted, disciplined attempt to bring the public along on the issue of the budget or the tax extension. Then after waiting three months to take a stab at a public campaign, he goes into seclusion for two weeks because he had a bandaid on his nose. Despite all the experience he claims, Brown apparently has no clue how much effort it takes for a governor to move public opinion in this mega-state.

The budget gimmick route has a rich bipartisan pedigree and would be spun as a victory for Gov. Brown. But given the size and speed of the Mack Truck barreling down on California’s finances, victory may prove to be indistinguishable from defeat.

They have no alternative. Republicans think they benefit when government fails, so they’ll never vote for any budget that allows it to function effectively.

The expected value of a 40-percent chance of getting $40 billion is still $16 billion. As it sinks in among Republicans that new district maps promise to make them irrelevant, the proposed budget is worth trying.

What victory?  That the Dems chose expediency over their constituency?

Because public trust of government is at a long time low and we don’t need ads that say Jerry Brown lied haunting us for the next two years.  

Unfortunately, apart from the governor, not enough have the cajones to confront reality, so declaring a victory and walking away will be exactly what they do … as they … and the Reps … have done too often over the last decade. And they limp along for another year! Gag me with a spoon!

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