Experts Expound

Experts Expound

Will Democrats take control of the House this year? How will such national
issues as the war in Iraq and security play out in California races?

Districts are so uncompetitive, the war will have a minimal effect in
California’s races. People who are against the war probably live in
districts represented by anti-war reps, and people who support the war
probably have reps who do too. Nationally, where there are more competitive
districts, control of the House is a toss up.
At this point, I expect Democrats to take narrow control of the House. The
great irony is that if Democrats hadn’t defeated reapportionment reform in
California, they’d be picking up several seats in the Golden State.
Gerrymandered districts are why Iraq and national security won’t have much
meaningful impact in California races this year.
Democrats will take back the House this year, but with at most a one-seat
pickup in California (probably none …).
There isn’t an adage that you shouldn’t take advice from people who want you
to fail, because it seems obvious. But, for years Dems have been taking
advice to be more like Republicans, with predictable results. I don’t know
if the Dems will retake the House this year–they’ll likely fall a couple
seats short–but hammering Reps on the war and Bush administration
incompetence is their best available strategy.
Dems don’t take control of the House but do pick up a few seats.
National-security issues don’t affect California races. In fact, no issues
affect California races.
Yes. It would be a big issue if we had any competitive races

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