Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“Who were the biggest winners and losers in the 2005-06 legislative session?
How does this play out in November?”

Biggest winner: Arnold. In November, biggest winner: Arnold.
Of course, Arnold is the big winner, but Angelides is only a slightly bigger
loser than the GOP legislative caucuses.

Angelides is left to argue that Arnold isn’t really in favor of all those
bills he just signed into law. But Republican unhappiness may take down all
but one or two of the bonds.

The biggest losers are the Republicans in the Legislature. Is it possible to
be any more irrelevant? It won’t play out in November because none of them
are in a competitive election.

The governor is hands-down the big winner. Individual legislators may win
applause here or there, but, for the most part, it’s just one Gladys and 120

Like there is even a debate about this. Cruz and Phil should compete for
“biggest loser.” Cruz for his weight, and Phil for what he got out of the
legislative session.

The biggest winners were Californian’s neighboring states, who will benefit
from the exodus of businesses, jobs and tax revenue thanks to the passage of
dozens of new job-killer laws that will destroy our business climate.
The biggest losers are the people of California, who will be stuck footing
the bill for the latest array of costly schemes to expand the size of
government pushed by legislative Democrats.

The people from whom we sought opinions: Andrew Acosta, A.G. Block, Roy
Behr, Don Wilcox, Jon Fleischman, Evan Goldberg, Deborah Gonzalez, Dan
Schnur, Jason Kinney, Tom Kise, Karen Hanretty, Kevin Spillane, Michael
Houston, Adam Mendelsohn, Matt Ross, Sam Delson, Mike Madrid, Morgan
Crinklaw, Dave Lesher, Richard Zeiger, Mike Madrid, Margita Thompson, Ralph
Simoni, Bob Hertzberg, Scott Baugh, Steve Maviglio, Tony Quinn, Peter
DeMarco, Adam Probolsky, Barbara O’Connor, Jack Pitney.

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