Experts Expound

Experts Expound

About as likely as John McCain and Barack Obama appearing on the same ticket together in 2008.

Given the resources, I think there’s a good chance it will pass.
Is clusterf$@k one word or two? [Editor’s note: two words]

Like a snowball in hell, once it’s boiled down it makes nice tea. Judging from the opinion-makers’ initial reactions, it looks like they have a shot at this.
As a part of a larger reform slate and with lots of money for advertising, 50-50.


This is pretty much up to Arnold. If he supports it, 90-plus percent. If he does nothing, maybe 33. If he opposes it, zero. Not a bad bargaining chip.

Slim and none. It looks self-serving, just like the last attempt.

With any luck, little. Term limits desperately needs an overhaul, but not this desperately. This cynical piece of hogwash actually may set back the effort to reform term limits by showing the electorate once again that the lawmakers act for personal gain at the expense of the greater good.

Less than zero.

This has about a 5 percent chance. They could have passed a clean 12-year combined limit easily. But once they decided to cater to Perata with the extension for current voters, they doomed themselves. U.S. Term Limits is going to have them for lunch.

It depends on how everyone gets along this year. A five-month budget stalemate, no health-care reform and a bunch of stories about criminalizing spanking and nobody’s going to support keeping that kind of nonsense going.

More importantly, what’s the likelihood that once N

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