Experts Expound

Experts Expound

“The intense controversy over Proposition 8 continues. The state Supreme Court is poised to weigh in. What do you think will be the ultimate fate of Proposition 8?”

 It will be overturned, then the U.S. Supreme Court will fast track it and keep the issue alive for another 20 years.

If the court gets back into this issue, the justices will be recalled.

Whichever way the Court rules, the issue itself will not go away.  I just wish the anti-8 protestors had put the same amount of energy into actually defeating 8.  It’s a little late now.  One of the absolutely most inept and ineffective campaigns I’ve ever seen, which literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory — blowing a 17-point no-on-8 lead as late as September.  

It’ll be 7-0 to uphold the initiative.

As a loyal Republican, I think it is high time that the GOP and the religious right start refraining from pushing its so-called morality on others and stick to issues of importance to everyone like free enterprise and lower taxes. Understanding why one person should be involved in deciding what happens between other consenting adults and
how it became a political issue explains why they had to keep (read shut up) Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson from speaking out during the Bush elections. Prop 8’s fate is clear. It is a matter of time until the people repudiate it if the courts do not.

The court will uphold it, because they have upheld other propositions that were similarly sweeping (see Prop. 209). But the changing electorate will kill it within a few years anyway.

The court will rule it unconstitutional

Proposition 8 ultimately will be overturned.
The court will do what the court does — deep six pesky drivel from the
uninformed, politically incorrect masses.

Prop 8 will stay in place.  Gay marriage will happen. It is just a matter of

It is the law and will be until we have another constitutional amendment is passed by the voters.

The court will let Prop. 8 stand for now, but there will be another measure in a few years to give gay couples the legal authority to marry. It will be a much more expensive and difficult campaign because they will need a Yes vote and will need to convince voters to overturn existing law already decided “by the people”. But with enough money and a disciplined, focused campaign, it will pass.

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