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“California’s high-speed rail project has been slammed, then slammed again. The latest is the state-sanctioned peer review that says the project isn’t economically feasible. Is this the death knell?”

How many different ways can this thing die? It has staff problems, budget problems, and public relations problems.  In the end it looks like California will end up with a high-speed rail route between the two critical world-leading cities of Fresno and Bakersfield.

You don’t – you can’t – kill Godzilla with a report. It would take the voters, and they aren’t going to get the chance.

I would hope it’s the stake through the rail project’s heart.  Just because a well-financed initiative from special interests put the project on the ballot and voters approved it based on good campaign messaging, it doesn’t mean the project is right for California.

Let’s hope so. The train is ill-conceived, economically silly and unpopular. But these facts do not necessarily stop Democrats.

Unless God Himself intervenes, high-speed rail is most likely off the tracks.

No, its more like we’re in India and there is a cow on the tracks.

What’s wrong with having a world-class bullet train? It creates jobs, so Republicans who toady up to every business owner in the state are afraid to support it.
No.  Labor wants it and the Democrats never cross labor.

High-speed rail may be a bad idea, but one thing is certain: This state is timid, a slave to every political crosswind that blows through. Every big project draws criticism because it’s too big. Good thing we built the State Water Project when we did; it would never get approved now.

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