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“Heee’s back: Jerry Brown formally launched his campaign for governor. Does he crash and burn? Does he win? Is his baggage too heavy?”

He’s our next governor.

He has the rhetorical skill to “check his baggage” but he will still give plenty of people the creeps. Even so, Meg is such an Arnold that Jerry wins.

Too soon to tell. Depends on voters’ view of their economic condition in November. His announcement was the perfect tone for him. Now he watches Repubs duke it out and runs an issues-based campaign.

Brown is as wily as a fox. It will be a rollercoaster of a race. The only question is if he’ll make Meg spend it all.

This will be the year that a Republican beats a CA political dynasty for governor.  Brown is a little too old to pull this one off.

Do you mean Gov. Moonbean? His honorable flip flop? The king of fruit flies? Small is beautiful — from my gas-guzzling Plymouth? Never saw a pot hole worth fixing? No, I meant yes on Prop. 13? What iteration/mask should we consider from the scrap heap of persona re-inventions? If you think he had trouble governing…

He wins. The wacky zany filthy rich Republican outsider experiment, under way since 2003, has officially flopped.

Brown is in serious trouble from the git-go. The fact that someone who has never run for public office — Meg Whitman — is even in the polls with a guy who’s name has appeared on statewide ballots 13 times is evidence of how weak he is. Brown is so disdainful of consultants and modern-day campaign structures, he will try to run the same shoot-from-the-hip, seat-of-the-pants effort he prides himself for — and he can easily lose.

He’s already being Jerry Brown. His announcement was counter-intuitive, stressing as it did the value of experience when most polls show that the electorate — here and nationwide — is fed up with career politicians and skeptical of experience. In the end, this works to his advantage against a pair of political rubes.

California when it was easy, what makes you think he can now when things are beyond rock bottom? Family interests in Indonesian ventures and ties to the military there. Sounds like something worth exploring to me. He beats Whitman and loses to Poizner.

If appointing Rose Bird to be chief Justice of the California Supreme Court didn’t hinder his election as Attorney General — the chief law enforcement officer in California — baggage will be no issue for Jerry Brown in the governor’s race.

Jerry will crash and burn twice before the election, have 7000 negative spots run against starting with his first campaign to be president of his seminary class and will still win.  The real question is –  how many references to “California Uber Alles” will  we have during this campaign cycle.

If he has baggage no one will remember it.

Gov. Moonbeam is a has-been flake with waaaay too many skeletons in his closet. If he wins re-election, he will become an uncertain governor who lacks substance, yearns for quick headlines and will say anything if he thinks it’ll put him ahead on an issue – or get it behind him. Those under 40 who vote for him will be amazed at what an embarrassment he will prove to be.

Voters have short memories, and recent past trumps ancient history.  Which means voters will give more credence to Brown’s successful leadership of the City of Oakland and the Attorney General’s office.  At least we know his history and his peccadilloes, unlike Meg Whitman, whose life remains a suspicious mystery funded by corporate financial machinations.

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