Dining out

Los Jarritos

2509 Broadway
8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day

By Liv Moe

Some years ago when I was but a wee sprout making my way in the big city of Midtown Sacramento, Los Jarritos saw more of me than it probably needed to. Their substantial combination plates often constituted both my lunch and dinner for the low, low price of just $3.49. My standard order was usually the cheese enchilada plus veggie burrito combo, the first of which I ate for lunch with the accompanying beans and rice, saving the burrito for later.

Like any favorite restaurant, my love of Los Jarritos – translation "the little clay jugs" – has ebbed and flowed. Occasionally I have shifted gears to dine at a new taqueria, the most recent of which was La Fiesta, but time and again I find myself returning to the little clay jugs.

Now more than ever, in these trying economic times Los Jarritos beckons like a shimmering beacon in the darkness. Though the prices have raised slightly my new usual order of an ala carte veggie burrito and crispy chicken taco still falls around $4.40. Couple that with some tasty chips and salsa and you got a meal that even most drive through value menus can't touch in price.

Granted, I haven't talked about the food much in all this, and so I will say that much like Zelda's has its followers and detractors, so does Los Jarritos. This is not your most authentic Mexican food, and as such it shouldn't be judged by such standards in much the same way that a Zelda's pizza is not your typical pizza. But it doesn't make it any less tasty. Some of the notable ways that Jarritos sets itself apart could include a cocktail type sauce in their shrimp burritos and veg-all in the Spanish rice.

That said, pretty much every menu item I've tried at Los Jarritos has been delicious. Some of my favs include the veggie burrito, the salsa verde enchiladas, the crispy tacos, and their whole beans. The salsa bar at Los Jarritos is also great, with a fresh, spicy variety of roasted, and pickled, options as well as a fiery red taqueria hot sauce that is perfect on a burrito. The chips, which accompany the salsa bar, are crunchy and thick making a healthy companion to their salsas. In addition to the lunch and dinner items on offer, Los Jarritos also features a bakery carrying traditional Mexican pastries and cookies, and a full selection of paletta's or Mexican popsicles.

Los Jarritos is a family owned and operated establishment that serves up quality food at a reasonable price. What more could you want?

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