Department of Corrections

A Capitol Weekly commentary this week (“Doolittle and Pombo face uphill battle”)incorrectly said that that the wives of Rep. John Doolittle, R-Rocklin, and Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, were on the lawmakers’ congressional payrolls. Actually, the wives have done paid work for the campaigns, not the congressional offices.

The byline for the gubernatorial debate photo on A-1 of the October 12
Capitol Weekly was incorrect. The photo, provided by The Associated Press
via a press pool, was taken by Sacramento Bee photographer Brian Baer.

We recently printed an article that stated that Girardi & Keese, the
prominent and well-respected Los Angeles law firm, had been the recipient of
Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s favors. We must acknowledge that this
allegation was false. In fact, Girardi & Keese is currently fighting an
appeal filed by Lockyer in the Sempra Energy case referred to in the
article. Girardi & Keese was never the attorney for the state of California
in the Sempra case. Further, the attorney general has never directed cases
to Girardi & Keese or assisted Girardi & Keese in the resolution of any
case. The financial support provided by Girardi & Keese to Bill Lockyer’s
political campaigns has not provided any benefit to the firm. Capitol Weekly
apologizes to Girardi & Keese and to its readers for the error.

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