Democrats target ties between Bush/Cheney and Schwarzenegger

Democrats got a big laugh out of Schwarzenegger’s political operation
recently when Steve Schmidt, the governor’s new campaign manager and former
aide to Lawrence “Scooter” Libby, told reporters that the November election
would not be a referendum on Schwarzenegger.

Really? Are they putting the white flag up already? Evidently so. It appears
that Schwarzenegger will run from his record and not on it. It should be
noted that the Schwarzenegger team in California is actually the George W.
Bush/Dick Cheney team, and that it has a pattern of running from its record.
In the campaign to re-elect North Carolina’s U.S. Senator Jesse Helms, they
were responsible for the divisive TV ad showing a white man’s hand holding a
rejection letter for a job that went to an African-American.

You know those Republicans: It’s either the white man’s hand or the
Confederate flag being featured in TV ads where they accuse Democrats of
trying to take away “our” flag. The United States of America won the Civil
War–thank God the Confederate flag worshippers lost.

Let me state very clearly to the Bush Jr./Cheney political team currently on
loan to Schwarzenegger: California Democrats are not like the East Coast
Democrats you typically run into while getting your weekly manicure.

California Democrats rip the bark off Republican candidates who espouse
outdated, damaging and wrong-headed policies, like cutting school funding or
going after Latinos and other immigrants. Schwarzenegger and
former-Republican Gov. Pete Wilson–Schwarzenegger’s mentor–support
Proposition 187, so Schwarzenegger will need to explain that.

California Democrats and the rest of the anti-Bush Jr./Schwarzenegger
coalition will make it their job to critique Schwarzenegger’s record down to
the roots.

Schwarzenegger will find himself under a microscope, including everything he
promised during the 2003 recall; the attacks he made on Native Americans,
nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers’ widows and all the public
employees; and the numerous broken promises and asinine statements he has
made since being sworn-in. Those will all be opened in the campaign like a
can of sardines–and the smell will be similar.

The chairman of his 2003 election campaign was Pete Wilson, who conspired
with Enron to bring energy deregulation to California. Schwarzenegger
finally will have to explain exactly what went on in that hotel in Los
Angeles during the secret meeting he had with Enron’s Ken Lay, who was
indicted just like Scooter Libby.

It was soon after that meeting that Enron gouged and stole millions from

During the recall, Arnie touted himself as the “Collectinator.” But even
after Schwarzenegger’s trip to Ohio to help his friend Bush Jr. get a second
term, Bush Jr. sees Arnie as an old French poodle–there’s been zero
“collecting” of dollars for California by Arnold from Bush Jr.’s

Californians also won’t forget it was Schwarzenegger who supported the
anti-abortion Proposition 73, which California voters defeated.

All of these are important issues Schwarzenegger will have to explain, but
they are not the only ones. After all, almost 2,600 Americans–246 of them
Californians–have been killed in Iraq and more than 17,000 have been wounded
due to the policies and decisions of Schwarzenegger’s ally.

Bush Jr.’s political team has lost every election in California that they
were involved in. They may think of themselves as a sort of Hollywood
make-up operation, but under the heat of a general election, all the mascara
will melt from Schwarzenegger’s face.

The decision on November 7 will come to this simple question: Do
Californians want Schwarzenegger on their TV’s for four more years?
I doubt it!

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