Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy

Hey Big Daddy,

I work for a high-priced lobbyist who recently asked me for some technical
help on his computer. Much to my dismay, I stumbled across personal ads,
photos to a national swingers’ mag and his personal inquiries to a swingers’
club in Las Vegas. I can’t help but think he intentionally left this stuff
for me to find. I really like my job and the pay is great, but this swapping
thing creeps me out. Do I tell my boss and let him know how I feel, or just
ignore the entire thing?

– No Victoria Secret

Hey, No Victoria-

Since honesty is the best policy—for most people, although not necessarily
Big Daddy–perhaps you should approach your boss directly, and let him know
firmly but tactfully how you feel. Make it clear that you are not interested
in any extra-curricular activities, subtly but clearly. Then again, since
honesty can also get you fired, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

How you handle this information depends on how far you’re willing to go, and
I don’t mean that in a sexual way. In our business, information is currency,
and your boss, either through his carelessness or his hubris, has just
opened the gates to Fort Knox.

And so, my friend, the question you must ask yourself is what kind of risk
you’re willing to take. Sure, you could ignore the entire situation, pretend
like it never happened, and continue on your merry way. But if you’re really
ready to cross the Rubicon, you can put this new information to use.
Blackmail is an ugly word often used by people who are too ignorant to
understand the true meaning of power or are themselves being held by the
short and curlies due to their own carelessness.

If you’re really willing to go the distance, and think you can outfox your
boss, you could always let your boss know you are aware of his private
recreational proclivities. And carefully, but unequivocally, let him know
there is a price to be paid for letting this information fall into your
tech-savvy little fingers.

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