Capitol Weekly’s Election Scorecard

It’s that time of year again. As Californians head to the polls next week, or perhaps more accurately, get ready to mail in their ballots, Capitol Weekly wants to help you track the winners and losers. Although an abysmally low voter turn-out is expected, it has done little to stem the tide of special interest money flooding the legislative campaigns.

With state campaign spending limits in place, most of that money is filtering in through independent expenditure committees. In many cases, groups of interests are coming together for individual legislative races, even though those groups may be on opposite sides of other legislative contests.

Since, in this era of term limits, the candidate is a lesser-known quantity than their political proxies, we’ve tried to track some of that special interest money. We’ve compiled a list of the largest players in the IE world, and the candidates they are supporting. We’ve also compiled a list of candidates in competitive legislative seats, and their political consultants to help you keep score on Election Eve.

California Alliance
(Consumer attorneys, CA Nurses Assn)
Oppose Gina Papan (AD 19); Marty Block (AD 78)

California Alliance for
Progress and Education
(CA Dental Assn,
CA Real Estate PAC, CBIA, PhRMA)
Dan Logue (AD 3); Stuart Waldman (AD 40); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Norma Torres (AD 61)

California Dental Assn.
Dan Logue (AD 3); Isadore Hall (AD 52
Norma Torres (AD 61); Stuart Waldman (AD 40); John Benoit (SD 37)

California Medical Association
Dan Logue (AD 3); Christopher Cabaldon (AD 8); Curt Hagman (AD 60); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Wilma Chan (SD 9); Fran Pavley (SD 23)

California Teachers Association
Mariko Yamada (AD 8); Robert Blumenfield (AD 40); Manuel Perez (AD 80); Oppose Joe Nation (SD 3)

Californians Allied for
Patient Protection
Gina Papan (AD 19); Joe Nation (SD 3); Wilma Chan (SD 9)

Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy (Blue Cross, Safeway, CA Builders Assn and others)
Dominic Casserta (AD 22); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Joe Nation (SD 3); Rod Wright (SD 25)

Civil Justice Association of California
Maxine Sherrard (AD 78); Joe Nation (SD 3)

Cooperative of American Physicians
Christopher Cabaldon (AD 8); Gina Papan (AD 19); Norma Torres (AD 61); Joe Nation (SD 3); Wilma Chan (SD 9)

Chritsopher Cabaldon (AD 8); Paul Hegyi (AD 10); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Marty Block (AD 78); Wilma Chan (SD 9); Fran Pavley (SD 23)

JobsPAC (Philip Morris, Chevron, Anthem, Real Estate PAC and others)
No on Holober (AD 19); Norma Torres (AD 61); Rod Wright (SD 25)

Service Employees International Union
Mariko Yamada (AD 8); Paul Fong (AD 22); Robert Blumenfield (AD 40); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Manuel Perez (AD 80); Oppose Joe Nation (SD 3)

Meridian Pacific
Stephen Knight, AD 36; Kelly McCarty (AD 64); Scott Kamena (AD 15)

Gilliard, Blanning, Wysocki
Jeff Miller (AD 71); Brian Nestande (AD 64); Mimi Walters, SD 33;

Jim Nielsen (AD 2) Sue Horne, (AD 3), Jack Sieglock, (AD 10); Robert Rao (AD 15); Neil Blais (AD 71)

Jim Nygren
Dan Logue (AD 3); Bob Smith, AD 34; Curt Hagman, AD 60; Bob Huff, SD 29; John Benoit, SD 37;

Coronado CommunicationS
Paul Hegyi (AD 10); Judy Lloyd (AD 15); Tom McClintock (CD 4)

Richie Ross
Christopher Cabaldon (AD 8), Gina Papan, (AD 19); Paul Fong (AD 22);Linda Harris Forrester (AD 52), Marty Block (AD 78), Rick Gonzales (AD 80); Carole Migden, (SD 3)

Richard Holober (AD 19); Bonnie Lowenthal (AD 54); Fran Pavley (SD 23); Nancy Skinner (AD 14)

John Shallman
Stuart Waldman (AD 40); Isadore Hall (AD 52); Auday Arabo (AD 78)

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