Capitol Weekly Podcast: The Recall – Jonathan Brown predicts

We sat down on Friday for a chat about the looming Recall election with Jonathan Brown, president of Sextant Strategies & Research, a Democratic polling firm based in Southern California. Brown published an intriguing analysis of the race back in August, noting that Democrats were outperforming their registration numbers in early voting, and challenging the chorus of pundits who had predicted grave danger for the governor. Brown offers his thoughts on the state of the race, what the Recall says about the parties and even offers his estimate on the final numbers.

Plus, as always, we tell you who had the Worst Week in California Politics.

Show Notes:
:55 Where are we on turnout?
3:07 The enthusiasm gap
4:53 What about NPP voters?
5:59 How is the pandemic affecting the race?
11:18 The surprising truth about Huntington Beach
11:58 The future of Kevin Faulconer
14:24 The future of the CA GOP
18:52 If Newsom survives the Recall, how does he emerge?
20:59 The media, the campaigns and the pollsters
29:10 The prediction: how does this turn out?
31:16 The #WorstWeekCA

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