Capitol Weekly Podcast: Jay Lund talks water and drought

Jay Lund, Director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences and professor of civil and environmental Engineering, is photographed near the Yolo bypass wetlands.

California has experienced a historic amount of rain this season, capping the Sierra with snow and stocking many Northern California reservoirs. Meanwhile, Colorado is plagued with devastating wildfires, burning through an unseasonably warm Winter. Are we seeing the effects of Climate Change in real time? Is California – finally – exiting the drought? And, should we be building more water storage to hold on to all this rain? Professor Jay Lund, of the Center for Watershed Sciences, our first guest of 2022, answers these questions and many more.

Plus: we look back on 2021 to figure out who had the worst YEAR in California politics?

Show Notes

:42 Where are we on the drought?

3:22 Floods and fire: is this Climate Change?

4:39 What are the options in the face of drought, and do we need more reservoirs?

6:30 What will it take to recharge California’s aquifers?

8:00 SGMA

8:32 What about infrastructure upgrades?

10:02 Desalination?

10:47 The Sierra snowpack

14:52 Other options to confront the drought?

17:13 Toilet-to-tap

19:27 “How Beer Saved the World”

20:09 What should the state be doing right now?

22:37 The #WorstYEARCA

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