Capitol Weekly Podcast: A chat about the Top 100

It’s been a decade (!) since we launched the Top 100 list, so on the Capitol Weekly Podcast today thought we’d chat with the person who was there and started it all — Anthony York, a veteran reporter and the founding editor of the revamped Capitol Weekly.

What began as a reward-your-friends-and-punish-your-enemies exercise in clickbait and cheek gradually morphed into a document of some value, however limited and flawed. Today, it’s a lot different than in 2009. For one thing, we print a profusely illustrated paperback featuring thumbnail career bios of each of the 100 subjects. For another, some people actually pay attention to the list. But at the end of the day, it’s still just a list of names, subjectively compiled.

What could possibly go wrong? York joins John  Howard and Tim Foster to find out.

Want to celebrate the Top 100 with us? Come to the Top 100 Party on August 20!




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