Capitol Weekly / AroundTheCapitol Awards

We know all of you didn’t have enough to do last month. That would explain
the hundreds of votes we received for our first Capitol Weekly/Around The
Capitol awards. Though provisions were made to eliminate online ballot
stuffing, we did notice some “Chicago-style” methods with the paper ballots.
As such, we used some “Florida-style” methods when counting the ballots.

Now, before you go off touting this big, prestigious award in your next
campaign commercial, let us qualify the awards by saying these reflect
nothing other than the thoughts of our readers–and judging from some of the
votes we received, we’d say some of our snarkiest and pettiest readers at
that. And, though a couple of ho-hos slipped through (everybody knows, for
example, that Shaun Flanigan is a pussy cat), we do think most of the
winners reflect much of the Capitol conventional wisdom. And so, without
further ado, the envelopes please

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