Capitol Trivia

1. Former San Francisco Examiner reporter Dennis “Pat” OPatrny to former Senator Daniel Boatwright, D-Concord, who had stopped to tie his shoe in front of Opatrny’s desk. 2. The same Opatrny, at 925 L Street on the third floor, which in the 1980s was the center of was the Capitol Press Corps. 3. The same Opatrny, then with UPI, in Lincoln, Neb. His competition from the AP was John Armstrong, now a ranking executive at the Contra Costa Times. 4. Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown Jr., who had documents printed in huge type so he could read them at the dais. 5. Former Senator Quentin Kopp, now a Superior Court judge in San Mateo. 6. That same Kopp. 7. Assemblyman Tom Bordonaro and Senator Bill Craven–both of whom were absent from the chambers. Everybody present voted for it. 8. Senate GOP Leader Dick Ackerman of Irvine.
9. Sacramento lobbyist Jerry Haleva.

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