Capitol Trivia

1. What was “California Uber Alles”?

2. Name two of then-Gov. Jerry Brown’s celebrity girl friends.

3. Who apologized to Jerry Brown for his characterization of Brown as “Governor Moonbeam”?

4. Where was Jerry Brown’s bachelor pad?

5. What was the “blue Plymouth”?

6. Who, as a youngster, used nail polish to paint the claw feet on a bathtub in the old governor’s mansion at 15th and H streets?

7. Jerry Brown’s motto of frugality in 1976 was an “era of limits.” What was his motto four years later?

8. How old was Jerry Brown when he was elected governor?

9. Where did Jerry Brown like to jog?

10. How many times did Jerry Brown run for

1. It was a popular 1980 song that satirized the governorship of Jerry Brown (1975-1983), who is now the newly elected state attorney general.2. Cindy Williams of TV’s Laverne and Shirley, and singer Linda Ronstadt. 3. The late Chicago columnist Mike Royko. 4. The apartment house at 1400 N Street. 5. The nondescript motor-pool car that Jerry Brown used as his official vehicle, driven by a state police officer.
6. Jerry Brown’s sister, Kathleen. In 1994, Kathleen unsuccessfully ran for governor against Pete Wilson. 7. “Protect the Earth, serve the people and explore the universe.” 8. 36. 9. The CHP training academy in Bryte, west of Sacramento. 10. Three: 1976, 1980 and 1992.

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