Capitol Trivia

1. Who stood outside his Elk Grove home and formally announced his candidacy for governor by saying he wanted to raise $8 billion in taxes?
2. Where can you buy Mexican food named after former Senate Republican Leader Jack Schrade of San Diego?
3. Who once described himself as a “kill-a-commie-for-Christ-Republican?”
4. Who once said, “I know he looks sh*@#y with that grease in his hair and he’s gained weight, but for God’s sake, please tell him he looks great.”
5. Who recruited young workers with the motto, “Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions?”
6. Why did B.T. Collins once hold up his artificial hand–he called himself “Hook”–in front of a group young CCC members?
7. Why did B.T. Collins once toss his artificial hand across a dinner table?
8. Who was “Uncle Miltie” in the Capitol?
9. Who shouted, “This man must stay alive!” and why?

1. Cruz Bustamante in 2003 2. Emma’s Taco House in Bryte, west of Sacramento. The restaurant also has a Ken Maddy entree. 3. B.T. Collins, former Assemblyman, head of the California Conservation Corps and chief of staff to former Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. 4. B.T. Collins talking to reporters moments before Jerry Brown entered 1190 for a 1981 news conference. 5. B.T. Collins, for the California Conservation Corps. 6. To illustrate the evils of masturbation. 7. A youngster, the son of his Land Park hosts, had expressed curiosity about the steel device. 8. Genial former state Sen. Milton Marks of San Francisco, a Democrat-turned-Republican, who used to pop up unannounced at local birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings and other events in his district. 9. Jesse Unruh, moments after Robert F. Kennedy was shot in Los Angeles on the evening of the 1968 California presidential primary. Sirhan Sirhan, later convicted of killing Kennedy, was being held by spectators who urged that Sirhan be kept alive.

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