Capitol Trivia

Capitol Trivia tests the memories of the seasoned Capitol hands and offers
newbies a chance to learn something about the dark underbelly of California
political history.
1. Who used to read the Daily Racing Form in the state Senate with his feet
propped up on his desk?
2. What was the name of Sacramento’s first baseball team, and where did it
3. Who had a massive bust of himself in his Capitol office?
4. Who was the Senate’s resident psychologist–until he got in trouble with
the feds?
5. Speaking of feds, which senator’s stellar reputation improved even more
during the undercover sting of the Capitol?
6. Which California governor was the object of a half-dozen recall attempts,
none of them successful?
7. Which California governor made his regular fund-raising calls in the
Senator Hotel office building, near the Los Angeles Times’ Sacramento
8.Which West Sacramento restaurant has its special dishes named after former
9. A lawmaker on horseback once rode a horse through which restaurant near
the Capitol?
10. Which local tavern was once a favorite of Republicans and Dorothea
Puente, the “rooming house killer”?

1. Ken Maddy. 2. Solons, Riverside and Broadway. 3. Willie Brown. 4. Paul
Carpenter. 5. The late Rose Ann Vuich, who could not be improperly
influenced. 6. Culbert Olsen. 7. Gray Davis. 8. Emma’s.
9. Posey’s. 10.
Elish’s on 9th.

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