Brown demands that Legislature act on budget

Gov. Jerry Brown went directly to the public Monday morning via YouTube to sell his fiscal policies, demanding that lawmakers place his tax-and-cuts budget before the electorate.

The Democratic governor said the state’s fiscal condition was “too big, too irreversible a matter” to preclude the public’s participation. He urged the public to contact lawmakers on resolving the $26 billion deficit. He said that half the job has been done – cuts that lawmakers’ “courageous action” approved last week – but that the remaining half, a series of taxes, has yet to be completed.

“Would you like a chance to cast this vote or would you feel it’s appropriate to shut out the people of California?” Brown asked in the video, which lasts just over three minutes.

Republicans, who spent the weekend at the state party’s convention in Sacramento, have opposed extending taxes that were approved two years ago during an earlier budget crisis.

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