Questions dog new UC Board of Regents appointee

Gregory Sarris, image from Becoming Story YouTube book trailer

An esteemed author and scholar as well as a long-time tribal leader, Greg Sarris would seem to be a natural fit on the UC Board of Regents. But scratch below the surface and you’ll find that Sarris has led such a controversial life that he could face scrutiny when his appointment is reviewed sometime next year.

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Dianne Feinstein: A remembrance

Dianne Feinstein, image courtesy of AP

There are people who believe Feinstein’s legacy will come down to her final few years in office, when she became frail, sometimes confused, and suffered from memory issues. Those people don’t know Dianne Feinstein. She is much more than a footnote.


WOMEN’S HEALTH: Reproductive Health

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: This Special Episode of the Capitol Weekly Podcast was recorded live at Capitol Weekly’s Conference on Women’s Health which was held on Thursday, September 28, 2023


Micheli Files

Practical tips for working with Finance

Cooperation image by metamorworks

MICHELI FILES: In talking with former staff from the Department of Finance (DOF) the past few weeks, the following are the key practical tips that were shared with me for those working with the staff members of the Governor’s Finance Department. While some of these recommendations may seem obvious, many of them bear repeating.


Schools must prepare for climate change

Image by palidachan

OPINION: Our schools should be safe places for our children to learn, thrive, and build community. But California schools are not equipped for the challenges that we are already experiencing as a result of climate change – especially heat and wildfire smoke. 


Katherine Miller: Guiding Chefs – or Anyone – to Advocacy

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Katherine Miller has a background in organizing activists throughout the world: Training programs she developed and led are in use in China, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Mali, and Nigeria. When she was first approached about helping chefs find their political voice she scoffed – but seeing them in action made her a believer.


Built on a lie, AB 1633 will hurt low-income communities

California justice, image by Mehaniq

OPINION: Last week, AB 1633 passed the State Senate by a single vote despite a strong campaign by environmental justice advocates to stop the bill. Unless vetoed by the Governor, this bill will tip the scales in favor of powerful development and industry interests and against everyday Californians and vulnerable communities.


Rising Stars: Kapri Walker, office of Sen. Nancy Skinner

Kapri Walker, photo by Scott Duncan Photography

Born and raised in an exceptionally close family in sunny San Diego, Kapri Walker was initially hesitant to take the leap and begin building career roots in Sacramento. But our latest Capitol Weekly Rising Star couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return after her Capitol Fellowship position ended and she was offered a job as a legislative aide in Sen. Nancy Skinner’s office (D-Oakland).


Major victory in the fight against diabetes complications

Constant glucose monitoring, image by russellleephoto

OPINION – New guidelines issued today by the state’s Department of Health Care Services will increase access to essential medical devices called continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). With more than 10% of the population in California living with diabetes, 29% of which are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and 22% American Indian and Alaska Native, the new policy for CGM access is not just a win for people living with diabetes but a win for our entire healthcare system.

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