No. 36: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

No. 36 Chris Woods

California’s current budget totals $183 billion, and few, if any people in Sacramento know its ins and outs as well as Chris Woods. He’s the budget director to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. That means he is in charge of ensuring that the Assembly’s version of the spending program reflects the priorities of the speaker and members. Along with advising the speaker, Woods also acts as a source of authoritative budget information for Assembly members, and smooths the way as problems inevitably arise in the giant budget of the world’s sixth-largest economy. He is one of a number of highly placed experts in the Capitol who are well known to Capitol denizens concerned about spending priorities, but who are almost totally unknown to the general public, even though they have a great deal of influence on the lives of Californians.

Updated Aug. 29, 2017

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