No. 62: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

62. Carrie Gordon

Dentists do a lot more than fix your teeth. In Sacramento, they wield significant political clout, and one of the reasons is Carrie Gordon, the California Dental Association’s chief strategy officer. She’s come up through the ranks at the CDA; she earlier served as vice president of governmental affairs and legislative advocate, among other positions. In her 15 years at the CDA, Gordon has worked specifically with the board and legislators to chart a course on complex insurance and scope-of-practice issues as well as expanding and funding Denti-Cal, a dental program for low-income Californians. Most recently, Gordon successfully helped to pass Proposition 56, the ballot measure that raised taxes on cigarettes, about $1.7 billion annually, with some of that headed to dentists who are reimbursed for providing Denti-Cal services.

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