Capitol Weekly Podcast: State Sen. Tom Umberg on the death penalty

California state Sen. Tom Umberg is one of the most prominent Democrats to break with Gov. Gavin Newsom on the governor’s decision this week to put the death penalty on hold in the Golden State. A former federal prosecutor, a U.S. Army officer and military prosecutor — as well as a veteran of the Legislature where he served several terms as a member of the Assembly — Umberg now represents the 34th Senate District, centered in Orange County.

He says that some crimes are so heinous that they entail the ultimate penalty.

Umberg joined Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster to chat about his stance on the issue and what to expect next from proponents and opponents of the death penalty as debate over the issue is all but certain to intensify.

  • LB Goodhue

    Alas,finally a voice of reason. Up till now all we have heard from on the subject is the new Governor and the Slut who is in the cross
    hairs of the USDOJ for the Epidemic of Corruption she engendered. Within circa the next 18 months the Governor
    will join the Slut again..maybe in adjoining cells..for more
    bang bang Sessions!!!!!

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